Haunted places in Delhi : Mysteries of Delhi

delhi Cantt.
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Whether you believe or not, but paranormal things do exist . some of us encounter such ghost incidents. Ghosts are beyond science and technology. Haunted Places are everywhere in the world. you can experience the ghosts even in the capital of India, Delhi. It is said that Delhi is a city of the cities.Many rulers captured Delhi and made capital.  Delhi destroyed and built multiple times. From Pandavas to Britishers. Every ruler established his city here.  Most of the haunted places are tombs, destroyed forts. these Haunted places in Delhi carry stories of curse, sorrow, betray and butchery of that time.You can experience the negative energies and paranormal activities.This list told you about haunted places in Delhi and story behind it. So let us take a look at haunted places in Delhi that you can visit.

1)    Delhi Cantt.

Delhi Cantonment is situated in an area of south-west Delhi. It is army cantonment area.  This area is full of green and lush trees and dark forest. The hundred of incidents reported for ghost sightings and paranormal activities. A lady in white saree asks for the lift in midnight. If you do not stop she runs at the speed of their car .some of people reported that they saw a white lady appeared in their back seat and suddenly disappears.The Woman in white saree supposed to the ghost of the lady who died in an accident there. many accidents have happened there and some people died in mysterious circumstances. You should avoid this place at night. So it is One of most haunted places in Delhi.


2) Sanjay Van – The Haunted Woods

Can you imagine a forest in Delhi?  Yes, there is forest named Sanjay Van near Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj. It has total area 0f 783 Acres  It comes in the category of haunted places in Delhi. It is thicky wooded forest of Delhi. In this forest, you can find different species of birds, jackals, Nilgai, and snakes.  But in Nights this place turns into one of the Most haunted places in Delhi.  there are many graves of Sufi Saints situated there.  Some wanderers had an experience of unsettling voice which chased them.  A Dead body of Lady found and hanged on top of the Peepul Tree.


3)    Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza is one of the 13 surviving ancient gates in Delhi. Sur Ruler Sher Shah Suri Build  Khooni Darwaza during his reign. It is located on the Bhahdur Shah Zafar Marg opposite the Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Ground. This was the place where Britishers stripped naked and shot three princes of Mughal Dynasty and sons of Last Mughal ruler Bhahdur Shah Zafar at black point range during Indian Rebellion of 1857. In other Incidents, Mughal Ruler Jahangir Killed one of the navaratanas of  Akbar Rahim Khan and his son and hanged their bodies at Khooni Darwaza.  Aurangzeb killed his eldest Brother Dara Shikoh and hanged his head on the Gate.

The bloody history of this gate made this haunted. Many people heard the sound of weeping and crying near  Khooni Darwaza. Many  People reported the incidents of some paranormal activities there made this place one of the haunted places in Delhi.

4)    Lothian Cemetery

Lothian Cemetery is one of Cemetery and one of the haunted places of Delhi. It is located on Lothian Road at Kashmiri Gate. It is the oldest graveyard of the Christian community of Delhi. Britishers buried their soldiers who died during Indian Rebellion of 1857.It is under the preservation of  Archaeological Survey of India. Many people reported that sightings and crying of the ghost of Britishers. According to a story, one British Officier, Sir Nicholas who fell in love with an Indian girl. But they did not get married. He shot himself in the head. His Ghosts roams in the graveyard.Some People saw the ghost of Nicolas.

5)    Feroz Shah Kotla

Feroz Shah Kotla is one of the haunted places in Delhi. Delhi Sultanate ruler, Feroz Shah Tughlaq built this fortress in his reign. It is near Feroz Shah Kotla stadium and Rajghat. Some people believed that the Jinns lived there.Unlike ghosts, they are shapeless beings who can marry and bear children. They can either evil souls or priest of Allah.Every Saturday some locals come here to pray. They lighted the candles and incense sticks in dark spots. Some offer bowls of milk and grain to please the jins. We can see  Many Mentally disturbed persons there. Some people experienced that somebody had to chase them. Some people saw bright red eyes in the dark spots of forts. So we should avoid this place at night.It is among the haunted places of Delhi.


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