TRIUND TREK : My first trekking and camping Experience

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I love to explore mountains, forests, wildlife, nature, and adventure. This post is my first post on Indian Tripster regarding my first trek .Trekking is the best activity you can find Adventure, spirituality, and peace in the path. For Beginners, the Triund trek is best to start trekking. You have to trek through Beautiful Mountains and dense forests of oak trees and deodar trees Triund is a hill situated at the foot of Dhauladhar mountains of Himalayas at height of 9,350 feet .on one side.

View of Kangra valley from Triund Hill

there is a view of majestic Dhauladhar ranges and another side the beautiful view of Kangra valley. You can see panoramic views of HPCA stadium, Bhagsu nag, Mcloedganj and Dharamshala from Triund hill. Triund trek is 10 km Trek from Mcloedganj .you can also start your trekking from Gaula Devi which is a distance of 4 km from Mcloedganj. The base for the Triund trek is Gallu Devi. You can hire a local Taxi to reach Gaula Devi.

Triund Hill with view of Dhauladhar Mountains

. We had visited Mcloedganj and Dharamshala as I wrote on a blog trip to Mcloedganj and Dharamshala. At 10 am We were at Mcloedganj Main square. We were Six Persons including me. Before going to Triund Trek We had to prepare for Trip. We bought some juices chocolates, sandwiches and a bottle of wine from market We carried a torch, toilet paper, jackets and Bluetooth speaker. We had to choose either trek from Mcleodganj or trek from Gaula Devi. I hired a taxi to reach Gaula Devi which 4 km from Mcleodganj. We reached Gaula Devi though Dense Forests and sharp road curves. It cost us 600 bucks for six peoples. There were no signals in our Mobile. We were Cut from the world. We would have to enjoy and feel nature, At Gallu Devi there were two ways .one went to Triund hill and another to the big waterfall.

Triund Trek
at Magic View Cafe

We started trekking from Gaula Devi to Triund. The Triund trek was Moderate steep. we started slowly as the path was steep .after covering small distance We took rest and enjoy some munchies. After some time path was full of uneven rocks .we had to take every step carefully .we had to climb through rocks . after a series of rest, trekking and a lot of laughter We reached Magic View café situated at halfway path of the Triund trek. we had some tea and Maggie at Magic view Café. We clicked some photos at the magic viewpoint .we continued trekking .it took around 1 hour more to reach the top. In rainy season Path become slippery and dangers If you want to go Triund trek. Please avoid this time. Never take shortcuts as it proves dangerous. Instead of hiring guide and camping for Triund trek. It is economical to reach Triund on your own. We Reached Triund hill after the trek of 3 hours. We made it to complete Triund Trek.

Triund Trek
Camping at Triund Hill

We can saw clouds are touching the Dhauladar Ranges. everyone was so tired .we relaxed for one hour. We had to hire the tent for night .we consumed sandwiches and juices. There were two shops which provide Tents. They charged us 300 bucks per person for camp and sleeping bag. There were many cottages. We met a solo traveler from Noida .his name was Mohak naik. He joined us and shared the tent with us. The shop owner named Naresh who set up two tents for us. the food was expensive. We ordered the food to Naresh, In 120 Bucks There was dal with rice and 4 chappatis. the cost of waterbottle was 50 bucks. Naresh suggested going to water stream for water. we decided we would go. Mohak and Dibya accompanied me went for collecting water. the path for water stream was very narrow and descent. one one side there is mountain and another side there was a ditch. the path was covered with dried leaves which make it slippery. At one place tree was fallen on the path. We crossed the tree. At last, we reached there, water is falling from the pipe. We filled bottles with water. Suddenly Two local People came with the huge container and filled it with water .they lifted container and went back to Triund. They both walked very easily on that trek with a 20 L water container .we went back to Triund.

Triund Trek
Bon Fire at Triund

Sun went behind the Dhauladhar Ranges .the weather becomes cool. We could feel the chillness in the air. Now Sky was full of shining stars. As we live in Delhi. It is very rare to see the stars twinkling with full flow. we were ready for campfire .we sat a fire on wood that was provided by Naresh. Now we filled our glasses with wine. It was time to play Music, I started playing music on Bluetooth speaker . some persons joined us. We enjoyed campfire for next two hours. It was time to Dinner .we collected the dinner from Naresh‘s Shop and started eating . after taking dinner. We went back to tents. we were very tired .and it is time to sleep I packed myself in sleeping bag .we slept for six hours. We woke up early and packed our bags. We decided to go for snowline from Triund. Snowline is the place on mountains where you can see snow even in summers. We had to trek for another 5 km to reach there. The path was very steep. We climbed through Big rocks.

Triund Trek
One of my friend at Snowline

After the trek of 2 hours, We reached snowline and snow was everywhere. There was a small shop. We got some tea there. You can also camp at snowline .shop owner will provide you tents, food, and other necessary things. We stayed there for two hours. It was time to go back to Mcleodganj. We departed from snowline. It took around 3 hours to reach Gallu Devi. One of my friend who visited the Triund Trek earlier suggested to go for a hidden gem .the hidden gem was the great waterfall. At Gallu Devi one way went to the waterfall.

Triund trek
On the way of Snowline

To reach waterfall. we passed through heaps of small stones, forests, and mountains. We saw mountains goats and sheep. We saw an Indian Python on the tree. The path was very narrow that one person could walk at a time . We had to descend the mountains vertically to reach there . as we were reached close, we could heard the sound of water flow. We reached there after a difficult trek of 3 km. It was the multi-step waterfall. There was a small tea shop . there were no Indians at that place. Foreigners were everywhere . some were taking bath .some foreigners were doing meditations and yoga at top of waterfall . I was amazed after visiting that place .

Triund Trek

We clicked some photographs this waterfall was clean and less populated as compared to Bhagsu Nag. We jumped into water and sat under the fallen water . Trek to the big waterfall was full of adventure. that waterfall was hidden gem .if you will go to Triund You should go to the big waterfall. We left that place and trek to Gaula Devi . We hired the taxi to Mcleodganj. We reached the hotel and packed our bags. It was time to say goodbye to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. We reached bus stand and bought Ac Volvo tickets to Delhi. We departed from Mcleodganj . We reached Delhi early morning. My trip was full of adventure and enjoyment. Everyone should go to Mcleodganj and Triund Trek. I want to go solo traveling to complete Triund Trek in future.

Places to be visited near The Triund Trek :

Bhagsu Nag Temple, Bhagsu Nag waterfall, HPCA stadium, St. John in the Wilderness church, Dal Lake, Monasteries, Triund hill, Snowline and the great waterfall near Gaula Devi.

Best Time to Visit the Triund Trek:

You can Visit these places any time. but You should avoid Triund Trek during Monsoon. In Winter the whole Kangra valley is covered with snow. This makes these places more beautiful and You can feel more chilliness. So the best time to visit is January to March.


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